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Full-time Animal Keeper - Hanna City, IL

Quick Facts
Company Name:Friends of Wildlife Prairie Park
Location:Hanna City, IL
Employment Type:Full Time
Pay:10 - Hourly
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Position Title:  Full Time Animal Keeper

Schedule/hours:  Open availability, must be available on weekends and holidays

Pay Rate: $10 per hour

Last date to apply: November 26,2017

Position description: Full Time keepers work as a team to provide daily care to the animal collection and general enclosure maintenance.  On the job tasks include;

  • Creating diets for all carnivores and herbivores
  • Training and care of all animal sections (large carnivores, hoof stock, farm animal, small mammals, birds of prey, reptile/amphibians and education animals)
  • Public programming
  • Assisting staff with large events
  • Animal enrichment
  • Enclosure maintenance and safety checks
  • Answering guest questions
  • Cleaning enclosures
  • Helping with opening and closing trails in the park
  • Herd management
  • Participate in Safe capture training sessions
  • Assisting veterinary staff with appointments

The requirements for this position include:

  • Bachelors degree in zoology, biology, animal science
  • Minimum six months animal care facility; zoo, farm, kennel, or equivalent animal experience preferred.  
  • Candidate must possess an understanding of practical principles of animal behavior and ability to work with live animals safely.  
  • Knowledge of natural history, zoology, or animal husbandry preferred
  • Good interpersonal and communications skills.  
  • Must be able to interact in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Must be able to learn and integrate information, knowledge, and direction quickly.
  • Must be reliable.  
  • Must be able to lift up to 50lbs and up to 100lbs as a team lift
  • Must be able to working outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Must be capable of dealing with emergencies calmly and efficiently.
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language fluently.
  • Valid drivers license required.   Illinois residents must possess a valid Illinois license within 90 days of hire.   Valid out-of-state license required for out-of-state residents. 
  • Experience and/or ability to work and interact effectively with a diverse, multicultural audience.

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