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Manufacturing Engineering Team Lead - Island Lake, IL

Quick Facts
Company Name:ITC, Inc.
Location:Island Lake, IL
Employment Type:Full Time
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Responsibilities include:

  • Work with different departments in the development of projects, which ensure the most efficient and cost-effective systems or operations to produce quality products.
  • Maintain and improve manufacturing engineering processes, such as process design, facility layout, work standards, standard work, manufacturing releasing, facility engineering, etc.
  • Implement major systems and the coordination of those systems with the total plant.
  • Ensure Engineering, Purchasing and shop personnel are involved in the approval process so that sound decisions are made which improve manufacturing processes, quality and/or reduce costs.
  • Provide direction and guidance to other manufacturing personnel in a continuous effort to improve manufacturing productivity.
  • Evaluate projects to define desired results and determine logical approaches.
  • Evaluate such factors as cost, personnel yearly usage, equipment, space, etc. as well as other information needed to determine requirements.
  • Prepare feasibility studies for appropriateness and cost effectiveness and submits recommendations accordingly.
  • Contribute to the effective management decisions in determining the most efficient processes, methods, machinery, tools, equipment, services and systems needed in the manufacture of product.
  • Ensure multi-channel communication throughout the organization. This includes keeping the Project Sponsor and stakeholder informed of program status and ensuring coordination of activities with various departments. 
  • Resolves issues by following departmental guidelines or applying a solution that worked in the past.
  • Analyze and investigate shop problems and follow up on recommendations.
  • Performs liaison duties with various functional areas to promote smooth transition of plant systems and operations.
  • Works with internal and external suppliers to develop and manage projects to ensure efficient and cost-effective systems and processes to produce quality products.
  • Scope moderately complex projects, develop project plans and business cases.


  • Manufacturing / Production / Mechanical engineering degree
  • Three to five years of professional level experience
  • Must have experience with project management and strong leadership skills
  • Must have the ability do statistical analysis and have proficient excel skills (VBA Programming)
  • Must have experience with component machining and assembly, materials systems and processes.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills, good interpersonal skills


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