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Mechanical Engineer - Mossville, IL

Quick Facts
Company Name:ITC, Inc.
Location:Mossville, IL
Employment Type:Full Time
Pay:$47840 - $54080 per year
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Our large manufacturing client located in Mossville, Illinois, is looking for a Mechanical Engineer, to add to their team.

Position's Contributions to Work Group:

  • Execute analysis of motor thermal test data and compare to analytical predictions.
  • Write automated scripts to improve velocity of motor thermal analysis.

Typical task breakdown:

  • Converting Internally Developed Excel tools to WEB-Format Using EASA.
  • Inheriting the current data analysis process of converting machine population data to thermal predictions for life calculations.
  • Working with the internal data analysis tool team to create tools/user groups that has motor specific user functions such as predicting SS temperature.
  • Work on developing Matlab or Visual Basic tools for PM and Induction motor thermal analysis.

Interaction with team:

  • Work with Simulation Team / Experts on a regular basis to develop and validate analysis programs.
  • Work with test engineers to process lab data and compare with analytical predictions.

Work environment:

  • Hybrid / Flexible (more time in the office than not)
  • Office w/ other team members
  • In the test labs to understand data collection process

Education & Experience Required:

  • BS Mechanical Engineering
  • 0-2 yrs Engineering Experience

Technical Skills


  • Python or Matlab Programming Experience (proficient level)


  • Data analysis experience
  • EASA (Converting Excel Sheets to WEB tools)

Soft Skills


  • Honesty
  • Self-motivated
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Disciplined independent worker


  • Good presentation skills

Candidates must be authorized to work in the United States.

This employer is not currently hiring foreign national applicants that require or will require sponsorship tied to a specific employer.

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