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Placement Specialist - Peoria, IL

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Company Name:EP!C
Location:Peoria, IL
Employment Type:Full Time
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Placement Specialist


November 14, 2019


M & G


1st Shift; 40 Hours Per Week

Position Status:


FLSA Status:



Director of Placement

Supervisory Responsibilities:


Position Objective: To cultivate and broaden the agency referral base by developing and maintaining relationships with referral sources, consumer groups, and collateral entities. To educate individuals and families about agency programs and convert qualified referrals into successful admissions. To develop and maintain an active waiting list for agency services. Will follow Rule 50, Dept. of Human Services Rule 115, Rule 116, Rule 119, Rule 120, and other relevant regulatory guidelines.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

Support the philosophy through the agency's mission, vision, and values.

  1. Manage all responsibilities based on the agency mission, using individual choice and appropriate policies, procedures, and regulations.
  2. Identify and cultivate referral sources, and establish a broad referral base.
  3. At least monthly, contact referring and collateral entities for potential referrals.
  4. Develop and maintain an inventory of approved marketing materials.
  5. At least monthly, contact individuals of families on the current waiting list.
  6. Collaborate with program staff to facilitate engaging potential referrals in agency functions on a monthly basis.
  7. Educate potential consumers of agency services.
  8. Motivate potential referrals into successful admissions.
  9. Convert qualified referrals into successful admissions.
  10. Participate as a member of the agency Admissions Committee.
  11. Prepare and distribute to members of the Admission Committee a thorough admission packet to expeditiously informed decisions regarding admission into an agency program.
  12. Coordinate with other agency staff to maintain an awareness of current program census and participants within each program.
  13. Assist new individuals and their family/guardian with transitioning
  14. Assist agency staff and individuals in the transition process of internal and external moves.
  15. Assist program staff and individuals in the transition process of internal and external moves.
  16. Assist program staff and individuals with placement stabilization as needed.
  17. As a mandated reporter ensure all allegations of abuse and neglect are reported as required.
  18. Perform other duties as assigned.

Database, Paperwork and Compliance Responsibilities:

  1. Meet all deadlines set by the agency and outside resources.
  2. Understand rules governing program/licensure for CILA / DT.
  3. Submit required documentation for funding for all admissions.
  4. Monitor reimbursement rates for all individuals and facilitate the redetermination process when appropriate to maintain reimbursement maximization.

Resource Management Responsibilities:

  1. Provide support to and work with all team and agency members.
  2. Communicate and serve as an agency liaison to individuals with I/DD, families, guardians, outside entities, and work groups.
  3. Assist program staff and individuals in the transition process.
  4. Participate in agency-wide functions to support entire organization, including intra-agency and inter-agency committees and development of policies and procedures.

Marginal Responsibilities

  1. Perform other duties as assigned.
  2. As a mandated reporter ensures all allegations abuse and neglect are reported as required.

Education/Experience Requirements

  1. BA or BS in the field of Human Services, or other approved course of study by Department of Human Services.
  2. Three years' experience working with people with developmental disabilities required.
  3. Must be able to lift fifty pounds.
  4. Must obtain and maintain a valid driver's license and automobile insurance.

Competency Requirements

  1. Knowledge of the techniques needed to identify, develop, and implement appropriate services and supports for individuals with I/DD.
  2. Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  3. Basic computer knowledge.
  4. Knowledge of regulations and standards as applicable to Community Living, Community Options, Educational, and Employment Services.
  5. Knowledge of DHS rate structure and processes for submitting reimbursement rate requests.
  6. Must be able to assess physical environment based on health and safety needs and implement corrective measures when needed.
  7. Knowledge of the principles of Person-Centered Planning and the Council of Quality Leadership (CQL).

Work Environment

  1. Work environment may include office, living environments, and community settings.
  2. Participate in 24-hour on-call system.
  3. May be required to work extended shifts and/or be called upon for emergencies.

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