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Community Options Area Director of Southern Region - Swansea, IL

Quick Facts
Company Name:EP!C
Location:Swansea, IL
Employment Type:Full Time
Pay:$50000 - $55000 per year
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Job Description

Job Title:

Assistant Director for Central, Southwest Central, Southeast Central and Southern Regions


September 1, 2022


Community Options


1st Shift; 40 Hours Per Week or Flexible shifts which may include 2nd, 3rd, or Weekends

Position Status:


FLSA Status:

Exempt - salaried


Director of Community Options

Supervisory Responsibilities:


Position Objective: To cultivate and broaden the agency referral base for individuals to reside in host home settings. Oversee the development and maintenance of relationships with community organizations, area service coordinators, schools, family groups, and other to recruit potential placements. Develop and maintain an active waiting list for individuals in designated areas. Assist with providing administrative and program direction for Community Options in designated regions. Oversee the Central, Southwest Central, Southeast Central and Southern Regions in conjunction with the Director of Community Options. To facilitate, develop, and implement training in accordance with Rule 50, Department of Human Services Rule 115, Rule 116, Rule 119, Rule 120, and other relevant regulatory guidelines.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

Mission Vision, Values

  1. To support the philosophy of the agency's mission, vision, values, and strategic plan.
  2. Manage all responsibilities based on the agency mission, using individual choice and all appropriate policies, procedures, and regulations.
  3. To conduct oneself in a manner that reflects the highest standards of professional courtesy and ethical practices to people served, staff, guardians, families, and all outside contacts.

Growth of Host Home in the Central, Southwest Central, Southeast Central and Southern Regions

  1. Recruit new host home participants in assigned regions
  1. Establishes recruiting requirements by studying organization plans and objectives; meeting with Host Home Team to discuss needs
  2. Builds applicant sources by researching and contacting community services such as but not limited to: schools, other providers, ISC's, family groups, Special Olympics, and other special groups geared toward disability
  3. Ensure that pertinent entities are cultivated to contribute to the growth of the Host Home Program.
  4. Accomplish the growth and financial expectations associated with growth and maturation of the Host Home Program.
  5. Review budgetary issues with current supervisor.
  6. Ensure that the Host Home Division grows its revenue base in accordance with the Business Plan approved by the CEO and the EP!C Board of Directors.
  7. Proactively coordinate with Marketing Department to develop and maintain an inventory of approved marketing materials.
  8. Collaborate with program staff to facilitate engaging potential referrals in agency functions monthly.
  9. Make 5 new contacts each month promoting Host Home to potential candidates
  10. Report monthly on growth statistics and contacts

Assistance to Director of Community Options

  1. Conduct staff meetings on a consistent basis to review program operations, disseminate appropriate information and coordinate service delivery.
  2. Coordinate and monitor functions of each area of facilities to ensure an efficient operation of the facility.
  3. As assigned, assist in special projects and duties related to Community Options.
  4. Complete and required accounting and payroll procedures in a timely manner.
  5. Submit reports and statistical information in accordance with specified time frames as requested.
  6. Meet with Director on a regular basis to ensure the development and maintenance of a divisional service delivery structure.
  7. Assure compliance with all agency policies, licensing, accrediting, certifying, approving, and reviewing bodies affecting program operations.
  8. Overseeing the scheduling of "on-call" responsibilities.
  9. Assist with meeting providers in assigned regions and providing any necessary training and support for their retention.

Staff Supervision and Coordination:

  1. Directly supervise the Office Coordinator for the South Central and Southern regions.
    1. In conjunction with the HR department, interview, hire, supervise, assign, evaluate the performance of, and when necessary, discharge assigned personnel directly and in cooperation with appropriate department heads.
    2. Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and procedures and all applicable laws.
    3. Authorize and plan personnel requests for vacation time, leaves of absence, travel authorizations, change in position and in-service training directly and in cooperation with appropriate department heads.
    4. Assure that all personnel and contracted providers are currently registered, licensed, and certified.
    5. Ensure that adequate and appropriate personnel coverage is maintained on an on-going basis.
    1. Assure all supervisory staff receive orientation, in-service, and continuing education to increase the level of performance and maintain optimum standards of performance within the department.
    1. Responsible for planning, assigning, documenting, and directing work, appraising performance, rewarding, disciplining employees, addressing complaints, and resolving problems.
    2. Monitor that all department staff meet performance expectations and address concerns in a timely manner to assure peak performance for individuals served and other co-workers. Hold staff accountable for assigned responsibilities and meet monthly with each staff to review performance and develop plan of correction as necessary.
    3. Hold staff accountable for assigned responsibilities, monitor compliance with expectations and meet monthly with each manager to review performance and develop plan of corrections, as necessary.
    1. Perform disciplinary action meetings as required.
  1. Assure all host home and intermittent sites maintain appropriate paperwork for licensure and DHS regulations.
  2. Monitor staff to assure host home providers meet all expectations of the contract.
  3. Assure that all personnel are currently registered, licensed, and certified.
  4. Participate in the on-call rotation.

Program /Department Development, and Coordination

  1. Provide Quality Assurance for the condition of homes through inspections as needed.
  1. Work with all members of a person's team to include but not limited to other EP!C team members, guardians, and ISC.
  2. Assure all safety and emergency procedures are conducted in a calm, accurate and professional manner and documented, as necessary.
  3. Participate in discovery meetings when needed.
  4. Act as a positive role model for individuals and staff at all times.
  5. Assure dignity, privacy and rights of program participants are always observed.
  6. Assure active treatment is provided to individuals that activities are developmentally and age appropriate and follow principles of normalization.
  7. Assure that individual needs and interests are assessed on an ongoing basis.
  8. Assure that personal and/or social development of persons served occurs.
  9. Coordinate the admission, transfer, and discharge of individuals.
  10. As a mandated reporter, ensure allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation are reported as required by EP!C policy and government regulation.
  11. Conduct prompt and thorough investigations for all allegations documenting as required.
  12. Participate in meetings, committees, conferences, seminars, and in-service training sessions as requested.

Database, Paperwork and Compliance Responsibilities:

  1. Meets all deadlines set by the agency and outside resources.
  2. Maintain files and data entry according to the standards set by the agency.
  3. Review all documentation for accuracy
  4. Understand rules governing program/licensure for CILA, monitors the implementation, and adherence of these rules.
  5. Supports database management systems.

Resource Management Responsibilities:

  1. Provide support to and work with all team and agency members.
  2. Maintain positive parent and guardian relations for individuals on the team.
  3. Promote community participation for individuals.
  4. Review all medical and other incident reports for the person.

Clinical and Behavioral Management Responsibilities:

  1. Work in conjunction with the clinical team as needed

Clinical Management Training:

  1. In accordance with agency policy and procedures, support the agency's DSP training in role modeling, coaching, mentoring, and participating in on-the-job training with program staff.

Personal and Professional Development:

  1. Participate in meetings, committees, conferences, seminars, and in-service training sessions as requested.

Personnel Relations:

  1. Interact with all departments and EP!C staff, with individuals from monitoring agencies/committees, parents, family members, and other professionals in a professional manner.
  2. Facilitate intra-and interdepartmental communication on an ongoing basis.
  1. Participate in agency-wide functions to support entire organization, including intra-agency and interagency committees and development of policies and procedures.

Marginal Responsibilities

  1. Perform other duties as assigned.
  2. As a mandated reporter, ensure allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation are reported as required by EP!C policy and government regulation

Education/Experience Requirements

  1. Bachelor's Degree in Human Services required, and two years supervisory experience preferred.
  2. Supervisory experience is essential.
  3. One-year experience with persons with developmental disabilities.
  4. Successfully complete CPR, First Aid, Infection Control, and Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training and maintain these certifications.
  1. Must complete DSP training in accordance with the state regulations and maintain acceptable status on the Health Care Worker's Registry under the Healthcare Worker's Background Check Act.
  2. Must obtain/maintain standing as an Authorized Direct Support Person for medication administration.

Competency Requirements

  1. Ability to manage others.
  2. Ability to multi-task.
  3. Effective time management skills.
  4. Professional interpersonal skills.
  5. Proficient in Microsoft Office. Technical skills include the ability to function using Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  6. Strong analytical skills.
  7. Strong business acumen.
  8. Strong ethical conduct.
  9. Strong leadership skills
  10. Ability to multi-task.
  11. Effective time management skills.
  12. Professional interpersonal skills.
  13. Strong business acumen.
  14. Strong ethical conduct.
  1. Must communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  2. Ability to perform and maintain certification in CPR, First Aid, CPI, Diet and Nutrition, and Medication authorization.
  3. Must possess emotional stability to handle stressful situations on a regular basis.
  4. knowledge of the principles of Person-Centered Planning and the Council of Quality Leadership (CQL).
  1. A valid Illinois Driver's License and insurance is required and must be maintained at all times while employed by EP!C.

Physical Requirements

  1. Frequent walking and sitting.
  2. Regular reaching, grasping, and standing.
  3. Must be able to assist in the evacuation of residents in emergency situations.
  4. Other physical activities related to an office environment.
  5. Operates general office equipment, including multi-line phone, fax machine, printer, copier, and personal computer.
  6. Ability to lift 50 lbs
  7. Must be able to work extended hours if necessary.

Work Environment

  1. Work may occur in the following settings: Home settings, Office, Classroom, Site, or Community.
  2. Participate in a 24 hour on-call system.
  3. Work hours/days are full-time and exempt status. Flexibility is a requirement to accommodate various Program, contractual, personnel and organizational needs.
  4. Will be required to drive a motor vehicle (EP!C's and employee's) as part of his/her employment responsibilities with EP!C. A valid Illinois Driver's License and insurance is required and must be maintained at all times while employed by EP!C.

Be a team player with a positive attitude towards the people EP!C supports, peers, EP!C staff and

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