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DOG (PET) RUNNER - St. Louis, MO

Quick Facts
Company Name:Kennelwood Pet Resorts
Location:St. Louis, MO
Employment Type:Full and Part Time
Category:Customer Service
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Kennelwood Pet Resorts Philosophy:

The experiences we create form connections that build trust and confidence.

Safety, Accuracy, Courtesy, Pride, and Accessibility are company values we expect every employee to commit to in their day-to-day role in our culture.

Support KPR through Customer Service and other departments, assuring that every guest is safely and quickly escorted between Customer Service and appropriate areas for requested services. The goal is to provide quality and efficient customer service to every customer – both internal and external. This position will assist all department managers in ensuring a safe, efficient, and smooth flow in business.

• Escort pets between Customer Service area and other areas of the store at check-in and pick-up, and other assistance as needed
• Assist with cleaning duties (including cleaning cages and mopping floors)
• Assist in walking dogs to potty and providing water or food as directed
• Ensure any special pet handling requirements are met
• Partner with facility manager to meet and exceed customer's service expectations.

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