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Education Coach - St. Louis, MO

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Company Name:YWCA Metro St. Louis
Location:St. Louis, MO
Employment Type:Full Time
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Educational Coach

Purpose: This position will ensure the effective coordination, implementation and monitoring of education services inclusive of a research-based curriculum and Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) while incorporating recognized "best practices" in the Early Childhood. Provide training and technical assistance to classroom staff to ensure high-quality programming and monitor child and teacher progress and performance to ensure the achievement of programmatic school readiness goals and objectives.

Job Responsibilities:

*In coordination with the Center Manager and unit Administrators, assess all teaching staff to identify strengths and areas of support, including those that would benefit most from intensive coaching

*Provide guidance, training and technical support and ongoing feedback to classroom staff to ensure quality educational services for children and families

*Assist individual staff members in identifying their training needs and improving their knowledge and abilities; assist with developing professional development plan utilization education resources, i.e.; Creative Curriculum, ELOF, and CLASS

*Implement weekly intensive coaching via Practice Based Coaching approach to include observations and modeling of effective teaching practices directly related to performance and programmatic goals. Implement other forms of research-based professional development aligned with programmatic goals when intensive coaching is not needed

*Assure quality early care and education services by providing support and monitoring teachers with collection of evidence in children's portfolio documentation in electronic data system, rating children progress. Assist Education Data Manager and Center Managers with aggregation of child outcomes reports and share data with teaching staff and unit administrators

*Assist classroom staff in creating a developmentally appropriate learning environment, implementing the curriculum, classroom management, delivery of education services, preparing weekly lesson plans and involving parents in their child's learning experience. Be alert to the safety and supervision

*Assist and support classroom staff, when needed, in identifying children with potential delays through follow up observations, internal referral, tracking the status of referrals, and following up on interventions. Discuss goals and strategies for children on IEP's and IFSPS monthly to ensure individualization

*Assist and support classroom staff with developing behavior support plans and identifying training to address challenging behaviors in coordination with the Special Services Unit. Provide strategies to support dual language learners and their families

*Assist in evaluating and monitoring of overall services delivery monthly for compliance with licensing regulations and accreditation, as well as, all classroom practices i.e. room arrangement, lesson plans, daily routines, transitions, to assure adherence to Head Start Program Performance Standards and programmatic policies

*Assist in the implementation of the Education and Early Child Development and Special Services Operating Plans. Provide policy, procedure and program requirement as well as, communication and problem solving training and technical assistance to build capacity by working with staff, parents and community partners to ensure high-quality programming

*Support and monitor completion of parent-teacher conference and home visits, child outcomes checkpoints, developmental and sensory screenings and ensure accurate, timely and qualify record-keeping of all education and early care services. Participate in CBMT, Care Team, IEPS and IFSP meetings when requested or as needed

*Assist Center Managers and teachers with identifying and prioritizing classroom and playground materials and equipment necessary to maintain licensing, accreditation, and early learning standards

*Assist teachers with mastery of technology and related applications to assist with educational learning, curriculum implementation and assessment tracking i.e., creative curriculum, TSG, CLASS, HATCH, Child Plus, etc.

Job Requirements:

*Expert knowledge of Early Childhood and Child Development of children birth through age five; child development, quality environments, classroom management, etc.

*Strong knowledge of child and adult development

*Developmentally appropriate practices for birth -5yrs

*Relationship based curriculum development and implementation with birth 5years

*Accreditation and licensing standards

*Ability to coach classroom teachers around child development, CLASS and classroom management

*Effective verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills and computer skills

*Must demonstrate a strong background in management and leadership skills

*Ability to successfully attend and complete University of Colorado Denver's Early Childhood Education Coaching Academy

Education and Experience Requirements:

*Four-year college education in Early Childhood Education/Child Development (Birth-5 years)

*6-years of experience in early childhood education; preferably as a teacher

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