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Pipefitter - Welder - St. Louis, MO

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Company Name:Jost Chemical Co.
Location:St. Louis, MO
Employment Type:Full Time
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Pipefitter - Welder

Jost Chemical is seeking an ambitious, hard-working Pipefitter - Welder to join the Jost Maintenance Team!

Are you looking for a career at a fast-paced environment, where your hard work and dedication will pay off? Are you a team player, who sets goals to get the job done and would like to use your skills to grow with a great company?

Then, this position is right for you!

Pipefitter - Welder

Position: Full time

Our offer:

  • Medical/Dental/Vision Plan Insurance, Short and Long-Term Disability and Life Insurance after 60 days.
  • 3% Safe Harbor contribution to your 401k.
  • Up to a 4% Discretionary Match (like a profit-sharing contribution) to your 401k.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Employees eligible after 90 days of continuous employment.
  • 9 Company Paid Holidays (72 hours) each year.
  • Uniforms Provided
  • Foot Protection- annual allowance for all laboratory, maintenance and production employees.
  • 24-hour access to our free, on-site fitness center.
  • We provide Individual development, on-the-job training, and development programs designed to enhance your professional growth and development while ensuring you feel valued, inspired and appreciated at work.

Jost Chemical is an equal opportunity employer and affirmatively seeks diversity in its workforce. We consider applicants, and make all employment decisions, without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent in the chemical manufacturing industry.


  • Works under general supervision of the Maintenance Manager in a GMP regulated manufacturing environment operating under Q7A
  • Perform general industrial pipefitting and welding duties - lay out, fit, and fabricate piping systems and metal components to assemble facility/process systems and structural forms such as pipe, fixtures, equipment, machinery frames, bridge parts, and pressure vessels, using knowledge of welding techniques, metallurgy, and engineering requirements.


  • Selects type and size of pipe and related materials according to job specifications
  • Lays out, positions, and secures parts and assemblies according to specifications, using straightedge, combination square, calipers, and ruler
  • Tack-welds or welds components and assemblies, using electric, gas, arc, or other welding equipment; melts lead bar, wire, or scrap to add lead to joint or to extrude melted scrap into reusable form
  • Welds holding fixtures to structural steel members; may also thread pipe using threading machine; joins pipe by means of threaded, caulked, wiped, soldered, brazed, fused, or cemented joints.
  • Cuts work piece, using powered saws, hand shears, or chipping knife
  • Installs or repairs equipment, such as lead pipes, valves, floors, and tank linings
  • Cuts pipe using hacksaw, pipe cutters, hammer and chisel, cutting torch, and pipe cutting machine; bends pipe by hand or with pipe bending machine
  • Observes tests on welded surfaces, such as hydrostatic, x-ray, and dimension tolerance to evaluate weld quality and conformance to specifications
  • Pressure test piping system for leaks using gauges
  • Inspects grooves, angles, or gap allowances, using micrometer, caliper, and precision measuring instruments; removes rough spots from work piece, using portable grinder, hand file, or scraper
  • Heats, forms, and dresses metal parts, using hand tools, torch, or arc welding equipment; ignites torch and adjusts valves, amperage, or voltage to obtain desired flame or arc
  • Secures pipes to structure with clamps, brackets, and hangers using hand tools.
  • Analyzes engineering drawings and specifications to plan layout, assembly, and welding operations; develops templates and other work aids to hold an align parts
  • Determines required equipment and welding method, applying knowledge of metallurgy, geometry, and welding techniques


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Five (5) or more years skilled/ journeyman welding experience
  • Pass 6G open root test within first 30 days
  • Pass 4G stainless steel structural test with back plate within first 30 days
  • Knowledge of:
    • Basic levels mathematics and English comprehension
    • Advanced level of pipefitting and welding components (mechanical, design, production and processing)
    • Basic level of safety, health and environmental rules and regulations, policies and procedures
  • Skill in:
    • Decision-making based on measurable criteria; able to visualize objects in three-dimensions from plans and drawings
    • Equipment selection and maintenance
    • Quality control analysis
    • Organization and self-motivation
    • Reading drawings, service manuals and blueprints
  • Ability to:
    • Work easily and skillfully with hands
    • Lift and carry objects weighing up to 55 pounds
    • Climb and maintain balance on high ladders and scaffolds; and stand, stoop, kneel, or crouch
    • Work in extreme cold and hot (120 F) environment
    • Comprehend oral and written English instruction
    • Lift up to 50 pounds and drive fork truck in safe and efficient manner
    • Follow established policies and procedures and work within precise limits
    • Work independently with a team environment to assist others as needed
    • Operate and maintain wide variety of tools and equipment
    • Exhibit manual dexterity, perceptual speed and extent flexibility
    • Adopt to rapidly changing priorities based on business needs
    • Pass pre-employment physical with drug screen and physical capabilities test

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