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TeleBehavioral Health/Mobile Outreach Clinician - St. Louis, MO

Quick Facts
Company Name:Behavioral Health Response
Location:St. Louis, MO
Employment Type:Part Time
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Position Summary:

Responsible for completing a behavioral health level of care assessment and providing treatment recommendations with community mental health centers and emergency departments for individuals seeking mental health/substance use concerns. Via face to face and telebehavioral health.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Participate as part of the telehealth team by completing video intakes and teleED assessments.
  2. Conduct program specific screening and evaluation, and formulate diagnosis in accordance with the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM 5).
  3. Perform high quality clinical assessments with excellent customer service skills. Documentation is written in a proficient and professional manner. Use sound clinical judgment and develops an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan to assist client in establishing necessary mental health services.
  4. Provide training and coaching support to CIC staff who are part of the telebehavioral health team and mobile outreach staff.
  5. Complete regular and ongoing clinical reviews of completed intakes.
  6. Responds to requests to go on mobile outreaches within five minutes of receiving call from the contact center. Must reach the designated location of the client in crisis within sixty minutes from time of dispatch for outreach or thirty minutes for TeleED assessment from the time of original call.
  7. Has the ability to act as lead (primary) clinician on scene of outreach. Also able to assess the client without a back-up MOT when the outreach site is at a police station, hospital, or other secure location.
  8. When acting as primary counselor, completes the Crisis Assessment Form (CAF), informed consent, and all other necessary paperwork specific to each outreach. Ensures that the call center receives the original CAF within 48 hours of completion of outreach.

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

  • Master's Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, and/or related field
  • Licensed or provisionally licensed
  • General knowledge of the St. Louis area mental health network and the DSM-IV
  • Minimum of six months to two years experience in mental health field within the private or public sector
  • Ability to write clinical documentation, conduct mental health assessments and develop client treatment plans
  • Basic knowledge of how to use the computer; basic word processing skills
  • Strong verbal, written. and interpersonal skills


At BHR, we believe that every team member has an integral role in the lifesaving treatment we provide. We are a trauma aware agency and we hire people who are passionate about our mission and are committed to improving the lives of those we serve through our trauma informed models of practice.


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